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Human society and its environment

Human Society and its Environment is the study of how humans interact with the world, how society operates and how it is changing. Through the study of HSIE, students develop the skills to prepare them to participate as informed citizens actively and responsibly in the contemporary world.

Why Study HSIE?

  • By learning about people around the world, we become curious, open-minded, and accepting. 
  • Understand the importance of being a good citizen and how to thrive in a democratic society.
  • History makes it possible to learn from the past and future plan. 
  • Geography fieldwork develops technical skills, improves group identity, and empowers students through practical challenges.
  • Young people learning about Economics understand of financial decisions and their impacts.
  • Able to evaluate decision-making and the law.

Geography (Years 7 and 9)

At Tempe High School, Mandatory Geography is studied in Year 7 (Stage 4) and Year 9 (Stage 5/RoSA).

Geography is the study of places and the relationships between people and their environments. It is a rich and complex discipline that integrates knowledge from natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities to build a holistic understanding of the world. Through the study of Geography, students are encouraged to question why the world is the way it is, reflect on their relationships with and responsibilities for the world and propose actions designed to shape a socially just and sustainable future.

Geography Fieldwork

Fieldwork is an integral and mandatory part of the study of Geography as it facilitates an understanding of geographical processes and geographical inquiry. Fieldwork can enhance learning opportunities for all students because it caters for a variety of teaching and learning approaches. Some examples of locations studied include: 

  • Year 7 – Liveability at Glebe and Rozelle Bay
  • Year 9 – Coastal Processes and Management at Cronulla
  • Year 9 (Elective) – Physical Processes in the Blue Mountains & Scenic World
  • Year 11 – Natural Systems at Bola Creek Rainforest, Culture of Place in Marrickville
  • Year 12 – Ecosystems in the Snowy Mountains

History (Years 8 and 10)

At Tempe High School, Mandatory History is studied in Year 8 (Stage 4) and Year 10 (Stage 5/RoSA).

History is a disciplined process of inquiry into the past that helps to explain how people, events and forces from the past have shaped our world. It allows students to locate and understand themselves and others in the continuum of human experience up to the present. History provides opportunities for students to explore human actions and achievements in a range of historical contexts. Students become aware that history is all around us and that historical information may be drawn from the physical remains of the past as well as written, visual, and oral sources of evidence.

Stage 5 Electives (Year 9 & 10)

Optional HSIE subjects offered in Stage 5 include:

  • Commerce

  • Geography Elective

  • History Elective

  • Work Education

Stage 6 Subjects (Year 11 & 12)

Optional subjects offered in Stage 6 include:

  • Ancient History
  • Business Services (VET)
  • Business Studies
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • History Extension (Year 12 only)
  • Legal Studies
  • Modern History
  • Society and Culture
  • Work Studies

For further information about these courses, please refer to HSIE K–10 syllabuses and Years 11–12 syllabuses available on the new NESA website or contact the HSIE Faculty Tempe High School.