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Science is mandatory for all students from Year 7 to Year 10.

Science 7-10 provides a way of inquiring about the world around us. It explores evidence and investigates ways to discover, develop and produce solutions to real-world problems. Science emphasises the skills for working scientifically, as well as critical and creative thinking to address scientific issues.

To achieve this, the committed staff of the Science faculty employ a range of teaching strategies and assessment techniques in order to develop in students a deep level of understanding while providing meaningful feedback on their progress.  A number of enrichment programs give students the opportunity to strive for the highest standards possible and a range of senior subject choices give students every chance to achieve their aspirations.

Units Studied 

Year 7

Me the Scientist
Science in the home
The blue planet: Third rock from the Sun
Outdoor recreation
Life: Surviving different environments

Year 8

In my backyard
Everyday electricity
Am I healthy?
Keep an eye out, just in case!

Year 9

Communication Technology
Help save mother Earth
When the chemistry is right
Your body, your life

Year 10

A chemical society
Safe driving
From local to global
Genetic futures
Where have I come from, where am I going?


Senior Subject Choices:

  • Physics - The study of the fundamental aspects of the universe

Tempe students visiting the University of Sydney Physics laboratories



  • Chemistry - The study of chemical reactions



  • Biology - The study of living things

Biology excursion



  • Senior Science - A comprehensive overview of all areas of science





  • 5 well-equipped laboratories with smart board technology installed.
  • Biological specimens, preserved microscope slides, light microscopes.
  • Geological kits, rock specimens.
  • Electronic balances.
  • Modern physics equipment including Crookes tubes and Cathode Ray Oscilliscopes.
  • Specialised scientific computer software.


Special Features:

  • 3 computer laboratories.
  • Excursions including Taronga Zoo, Bicentennial Park, the Museum of Human Disease, Port Kembla Steelworks and Science Unleashed
  • Supported participation in the National Chemistry Competition, the ICAS Science Competition, Murder Under the Microscope, the Brainbee Challenge, the Great Engineering Challenge and the NSW Schools Titration Competition.