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Careers Adviser


Liaison within the school


1.      Students

2.      Parents

3.      VET Teachers

4.      HT Welfare and other team members, including HSLO

5.      Curriculum coordinators (DPs)

6.      School executive

7.      Year Advisers

8.      Staff

      9.      School Counsellor



Liaison with the school community


1.     Youth Pathways/Job Network personnel and programs

2.      Higher Education and Training

4.      Industry and vocational training

5.      Welfare and Community agencies

6.      District vocational education consultant.

      7.      Local Employers


School-based activities


1.      School to Work planning

2.      Career education lessons and workshops

3.      Work Experience applications and monitoring

4.      Selection and monitoring of TVET courses and students

5.      Computer assisted career investigations

6.      Individual career counselling

7.      School newsletter communications

8.      Student / Parent interviews

9.      Subject Selection

10.    Destination surveys

11.    Assistance with applications (UAC, TAFE and scholarships)

12.    Student visits to industry/various excursions

13.    Guest speakers

14.    Year 12 specific queries

15.    Co-ordinate Occupational Health and Safety Workshops for the building/construction students

      16.    Year 10  Job Interview Day



 Shane Fawcett

 Contact: 95582023 EXT #113

 Email: shane.fawcett@det.nsw.edu.au